Optics & Supply Chain Concierge

A luxury hotel concierge for the optics industry

A luxury hotel concierge has all the insider information necessary to guarantee an excellent guest experience. Bell Collaborative brings that idea to the world of optics. Bell Collaborative‚Äôs Optics Concierge can help you manage and strategize your supply chain, while identifying roadblocks and solutions to those roadblocks.  

Bell Collaborative’s Optics Concierge manages every aspect of your project with four-star service. Expertise includes:

  • Review and assessment of optical drawings and assembly specifications
  • Guidance on optical project plans from prototype to production
  • Strategic supply chain support, such as: soliciting quotes, determining lead times, investigation exceptions, and advising on supplier selection and potential product development choke points
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) licensing and compliance guidance

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