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Bell Collaborative is a network of thinkers and doers who take the time to understand you and your business. Our offerings are tailored to your unique challenges, budgets and timelines. We emphasize collaboration and connection of our team with your team, suppliers, customers and partners.

Optics Concierge
Our team of experts in the optics industry are led by our Founder and CEO, Lisa Belodoff. With her guidance, the Optics Concierge division of Bell Collaborative has been integral to our customers' success in supplier relations and partner integration. We collaborate with your team on:

  • informed client/supplier recommendations
  • strategic relationship creation and management
  • project management and technical support

Business Development & Financing
We are invested in the health of your business. Whether you need help identifying the challenge or fulfilling the demand, our team will evaluate your current funnel, identify new opportunities for revenue and help you to achieve your goals. Sometimes, the best path to success is to expand your portfolio. We collaborate with your team on:

  • strategic partnerships, sales outreach and long-term value creation
  • executive introductions, trade show and industry event coordination
  • grant writing and loan applications
  • partnership, merger and acquisition management
  • execution of best-in-class account-based marketing

Business Intelligence, Marketing Communications & Creative
A big bucket of capabilities but few teams have the acumen to properly coordinate these concepts and activities. Our diverse team takes you through a process to identify your market, clarify your message and create your assets. Consistent and cohesive messaging from spoken word to visual imagery is essential for a successful business. We collaborate with your team on:

  • market research, SWOT analysis, competitive matrices
  • brand audit, analysis and evaluation reporting
  • social media strategy, content creation and management
  • event management including a strategic approach to pre and post event business practices
  • development of business intelligence platforms such as Microsoft�s Power BI and Tableau
  • brand strategy and creative, digital and print advertising, video and still production, website design, development and maintenance and so much more!

Our portfolio is always expanding, adding to our extensive experience in Optics, Consumer Relations, Hospitality and Medical. A full online portfolio will be published mid-2021. Connect with us to feel the good vibrations of Bell Collaborative.