With employees all over the country, Bell Collaborative prides itself in serving their customers where they are, in industries ranging from night vision technology to medical devices. Bell Collaborative draws its team from former political operatives, veterans, digital marketing experts, brands gurus, graphic designers, and information technology specialists. Each team member brings a fresh perspective and wealth of experience. Bell Collaborative's breadth and depth of experience allows them to serve strategic business partners in even the most challenging markets.

The Bell Collaborative Story

Lisa Belodoff founded Bell Collaborative in 2019 to serve the optics, photonics, and high-tech industries. What started as a company with a half a dozen employees working out of Lisa’s house, has quickly turned into a multi-state collaborative, doing business in not just the optics industry but medical devices, manufacturing, electronics, and more. Led by Lisa and COO Alisa Okeefe, Bell Collaborative has evolved from a marketing and business development firm into a strategic business partner.


2019 – Lisa Belodoff founds The Bells Network in Rochester, NY. Armed with a few employees and interns, she strives to break into the optics, photonics, and high-tech industries.  

2020 – The global pandemic. The optics and photonics industry weathers the worldwide shutdown and so does The Bells Network.  

2021 – The Bells Network triples in size and rebrands as “Bell Collaborative” to reflect the company’s team-oriented business model. The company now has employees in California, Washington, DC, Indiana, and Virginia. 

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