The Story

Bell Collaborative is a network of thinkers and doers, technologists and humanists, creative freaks and science geeks, who take the time to understand you and your business. We each bring a unique superpower: research, analytics, design, writing, project management, still and motion imaging and more. We bring energy and a collaborative spirit that helps big ideas resonate from the inside out.

Clear as a bell

Lisa Belodoff started Bell Collaborative to be a bright light and breath of fresh air in the optics, photonics and high-tech industries. Our work brings clarity, strategy and creativity to the most rigorous and complex marketing challenges. Led by Lisa and President Richard Bryant, our team of 20+ experts has helped numerous clients in precision optics, fiber optics/IT infrastructure, medical device, life science, AR/VR, LiDAR, DoD, night vision and many other consumer technology and scientific applications.

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