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Trying to grow your startup? Strong sales, but you know you are leaving money on the table? Looking to boost customer engagement? Bell Collaborative is here to help.

In today’s marketing landscape, the most valuable commodity is information. For your marketing to stand out, shine, and grab your customer’s attention, it must be informed by up-to-date and custom business intelligence. You must prove that you understand your customers’ business, their goals, ambitions, and projects. This is where Bell Collaborative comes in.

We start each new customer on our 10/10 process where we identify your top 10 customers and prospects, create custom research for each of those companies, find decision makers in charge of the projects that you want to work on, and put your company in the best position possible to acquire new business.

The results of the 10/10 process guide our business development strategy and goals.

Bell Collaborative provides several services to properly guide and support a lucrative sales funnel. This list is just a start to the things we can do to help you conquer your industry:

  • Custom Market Reports
  • Outreach Strategy
  • Target Acquisition
  • Lead Generation
  • CRM Integration and Implementation


Strategic Business Development

Not only will Bell Collaborative give you the tools and intelligence to succeed, but we will help you execute your goals and develop new business. While closing sales is the responsibility of your sales team, we work to make that job easy and enjoyable. You can rest easily knowing that once the Bell Collaborative team has become your partner, every business that you want to know who you are will.

Bell Collaborative has a team of industry-leading experts that will meet you where you are to create goal-oriented strategies to help you grow your business. It is not enough to go at it alone using the tried-and-true strategies of the past. Businesses must collaborate with a wide range of customers and partners to navigate ever-changing supply chains and market conditions.  

Build new relationships. Acquire new business. Find out what you have been missing from your sales plan with:

  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Lead Processing
  • Goal Setting
  • Sales & Customer Service Support & Reporting
  • CRM Sales Pipeline Stream Maintenance
  • IT Office Management   
  • Internal/External Surveying
  • Creating Budgets
  • B2B
  • Location Scouting   
  • Contract Negotiations


Reach out to Bell Collaborative today to see how our business intelligence experts can help you and your business.

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