Digital Marketing Strategy & Management

Paid Search

(or the expected virtue of a data-driven marketing strategy)


No More Shotgun Marketing

Any business owner, marketing specialist, or business development manager can tell you that they want to grow your business. They can sell you on how they will rebuild your website, increase your online presence, and improve SEO. But what does it all mean?  

At Bell Collaborative, we reject shotgun-based marketing as the catch-all solution to grow your business. We have a five-tiered strategy that can help grow a business in even the most competitive markets. We want to build your business where your customers are, using a data-driven approach that accomplishes specific objectives. There is no other way to distinguish yourself in the sea of content that your average customer is subjected to on a daily base.  

Don’t get us wrong, our team is comprised of a group of experts that excel at rebuilding websites, increasing your online presence, and improving SEO, BUT at Bell Collaborative we view this as the starting point on a journey to improve your business: not the result.  

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Bell Collaborative has a history of reducing customer acquisition costs, but we don’t stop there. We find out what your goals are and figure out the best way to accomplish what you want to achieve. Using this information, we create a data and results-driven digital marketing strategy that is organic and evolves to meet new challenges as they arise. Our goal is not to impress you with vanity metrics, but to improve your efficiency, lower your costs, and get results.

Bell Collaborative specializes in:

  • Paid Search
  • Display Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Private Marketplace
  • OTT
  • Connected TV

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